Energy Consultancy Services:
  • Alternative Energy Assessment and Development
  • Bio Digester Design
  • Solar/Wind Assessment
  • Strategy Energy Development
  • Integrated Business Strategy
  • Business Model Analysis for Energy
IECC's experts provide clients with strategic analysis, competitive positioning and portfolio assessment across all segments of the energy sector. We provide in-depth industry experience, bringing hands-on knowledge in making investment and providing decisions in dynamic and highly competitive energy market.

IECC provides clients with forward-looking views of the environment in a particular country or region, as well as globally, which incorporate political and economic scenarios and changes in industry and regulatory trends.

IECC is able to analyze and forecast a range of outcomes and associated probabilities in a given timeframe, using our dynamic models of supply and demand, combined with the interactive effect of country politics, policies and economics.
Examples of policy and regulatory services undertaken include:
  • Policy and regulatory studies and outlooks
  • Economic and Geopolitical outlooks in regions and countries
  • Risk analysis of the energy sector
  • Impact of government policy changes
  • Outlook and economics of refinery investments
  • Outlook for service sector capacity constraints
  • Medium and long term market analysis and risk mitigating factors
Medium and long term energy scenario
IECC has been analyzing the strategies of companies in the energy industry since its inception. Our experts aid clients in assessing the multiple scenarios thereby enabling the formulation of vigorous and successful strategies.

The in-depth knowledge in IECC of various energy-related sectors enables us to look ahead of the value chain and provide our clients with an integrated view of competition.
Examples of medium and long term projects undertaken include:  
U.S. State Department, Asia Pacific Partnership - China
  • European Commission - Thailand
  • World Alliance for Decentralized Energy
  • International Energy Agency
  • Ministry of Power (India)
  • Energy Conservation Center of Thailand
  • Full Advantage